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Ultimate Pokemon Mania


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Mini Yu Yu Hakusho Shrine

Name: Shun
Height: 2'4
Age: 7 years old
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Silver
Family: His older brother named Youko
Information: Hiei was hunting Shun for his fur since it was silver. Shun had a hard time trying to ecsape from Hiei.
Fire Tail: Shun spins around in a circle and a fire circle appears around him. This power cant be used more then once.
Psychic Punch:
Name: Kurama
Age: 15 years old (17 years old at the end of the show)
Nicknames: Solider and Dennis
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
School: Meiou High School
Best Friend: Hiei
Favorite Things When Its Raining: Read books, play video games, make Hiei dress like a girl, and chellenge demons.
Personality: Kurama likes to smile a lot and likes Hiei a little too much. Kurama says if Kuronue was still alive he would call him the second most wanted villain of Makai and his lover.
Information: Once Kurama caught a cold at the age of three years old and his mother tried to help him. Kurama didn't want any help from her so he ran outside in the snow, his cold got worse but he didn't care. He then spotted a dying flower on the side of the road and walked over to it and brought it back to life. This is when Kurama found out that he had powers but he didn't know why.  He finally started to trust his mom at the age of five and he finally went to her. Kurama tried to save Maya Hiei's girl friend at Meiou High but he was to late and Youkai ate her.
Manga Information: When a new student named Teena comes to his school he saves a spot for her which is next to him. He soon falls in love with Teena and Hiei gets jealous.
Name: Youko
Height: 7'0
Age: 1000+
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Silver
Family: Younger brother named Shun.
Best Friend: Kuronue
Personality: Youko likes to get in trouble and gets mad way too easily. Dont go pissing this guy off! Gives everyone an evil stare except for his friend Kuronue.

I updated this page Feb.18, 2003. I got all this information off of other sites.