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Yu Yu Hakusho Shrine
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Chinese Kitsune Facts

Here I will put facts about kitsune stuff....

Chinese Kitsune Legends

People say that kitsune are ghost because of the noises they make, some kitsune howl at the full moon. People also claim that houses were haunted because they heard noises coming from the roof, back yard, or a rattle coming from the doors. But those noises were made from kitsune that lived right outside those houses, since most kitsune liked to play tricks. The nine tailed kitsunes were known as "Forbidden Love" within Chinese folklore.

Tsukai is known as "The Messenger Fox", these kitsune made crops grow, and let people pick the crops when they were ripe. These kitsune also were known as the "Protector Kitsune", since they protected the crops from bugs and insects. Ruksasha is called "White Tiger Ghost", this kitsune ate humans instead of eating the spirits. Most kitsune had the power to cure illness and other flues.

Two Celestial kitsune came about as well within Chinese folklore, their names are Osusuki the male one, and Akomachi the female one. The gold kitsune watched over all the other kitsunes, making sure none of them caused wars with one another.

Wind: When feeding off of wind, it could be unhealthy air. This will harm you when you breathe, unless you receive good air from the wind itself. Wind kitsunes can make tornado or snow.

Earth: When feeding off of earth, the kitsune can throw soil or rocks. Also the kitsunes who feed off of this element can also kill crops. Earth kitsunes can move rocks or buildings.

Fire: When feeding off of fire, you can summon flames. Kitsunes let fire burst out of themselves and cause leaves to burn, also the kitsune can vanish into flames. Kitsunes who feed off of fire learn fox-fire and fox-flare. Fire kitsunes can control fire, create fire, and cook food.

Ocean: When feeding off of ocean, you can summon giant waves or sea creatures. Just make sure the wind is down, otherwise this will be a waste to do. Ocean kitsune can create storms and floods.

River: When feeding off of river, you can feed from rivers, brooks, dead water animals, and also dry riverbanks. River kitsunes can create water and bring dead things back to life.

Forest: When feeding off of forest, the kitsune can feed from trees and wood around them. They can also feed from animals that are dying or weak. Forest kitsune can control wood, trees, and creatures of the forest.

Time: When feeding off of time, kitsune can feed from the lifespan around them. Such as time itself, they could make the past into the future. Time kitsunes can slow down or speed up their life span.

Void: When feeding off of void, kitsune can feed from swamps, mushrooms, poisoned waters, and dead animals. They could also feed from the shadows around themselves, stealing shadows away from humans, making everything into darkness. Void kitsunes can create darkness and steal lives.

Heaven: When feeding off of heaven, kitsune get magic from the heavens. These kitsune can make shrines appear or temples. They also feed from books, newspapers, and other such things with words. They can also steal words from humans, making the person forget what they were talking about. Heaven/Celestial kitsunes can learn how to teleport.

Sun: When feeding off of sun, kitsune receive warmth, sunlight, and starlight. They can feed from this element without any hassle. Sun kitsunes can control hot weather, making it warm but not to warm.

Mountain: When feeding off of mountain, you can feed from rocks, stones, metals, and gems. Also these kitsune can make a mountain crumble or have rock slides. They could also transform mountains and hills into wastelands. Mountain kitsunes can cause earthquakes, volcanoes to erupt, and landslides.

Thunder: When feeding off of thunder, the kitsunes feed from storms, and horrible weather. Thunder kitsunes can cause thunderstorms, control computers and machines.

Spirit: When feeding off of spirit, they eat and devour spirits that haunt others. They leave weak spirits floating around, so that the person never wakes. Spirit kitsune can cause people to die, trap spirits, and control demons.

Music: When feeding off of music, kitsune feed from music, poems, and feelings. It can leave a musician without any skill or inspiration. Music kitsune can control sound and music.

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